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In 1974, Vieira & Associates Insurance Brokers LTD was founded by Joseph Vieira to fill the void in Toronto’s insurance industry.

By providing property and casualty services within the Portuguese and Brazilian communities, he aimed to help the community get the best insurance service to secure their finances and properties.

We take pride in providing the Canadian people and businesses with a unique and superior insurance experience for auto, home, and commercial properties.

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Getting the right auto insurance is the best way to protect your mobility. You must have adequate coverage for all of your needs, whether you are a homeowner, a business owner, or an individual with a vehicle. At Vieira Insurance, we specialize in helping people find affordable auto insurance policies.

Home Insurance

Buying a property is a costly decision to take. Get the right insurance coverage to protect your property and your financial future and ensure that your home can provide you with a sense of security. At Vieira Insurance, we're committed to building you a plan that works for your family, property, and budget.


Vieira Insurance works with experts to provide business owners with the insurance coverage they need to protect their assets.
We understand how important businesses are, and we have coverage options designed specifically to meet your demands.

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We’re committed to providing the greatest insurance options and expertise to serve you better. Our staff of licensed insurance brokers and agents follow all industry guidelines and standards.

We are also updated on the latest and relevant coverage, goods, and information in a timely manner.

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